Sydney, neglected dog

UPDATE! Sydney has been adopted! This is Sydney. She was found as a stray with her male Pyr companion. The shelter called us and asked us to take her in to Rescue.

Sydney and her male Pyr companion were neglected by their owner. From what the shelter told us they went from the basement out to their pen. Their pen was mud and feces knee deep. Someone with a big heart adopted the male from the shelter. The shelter then called us and asked if we could take the female in to Rescue. Our transport person extraordinaire Dorene, went and picked her up to bring to me. Dorene stopped at her home before bringing her to me as the smell was awful and her home was closer to the shelter. Unfortunately, she did not take pictures prior to cleaning her up some. Dorene shaved off her mats on her back and sides then bathed her. Sydney's coat was matted with mud and feces. (I'm told the male Pyr was in the same condition) Then Dorene bathed her. The pictures you see here were taken AFTER the first shaving and bath! They could not get her underside so we did that here. These pictures show a few of the mats that were left after that first bath! Dorene and I spent 2 hours finishing the clean up job here. The heat index was 106 degrees that day. Sydney was a trooper. Once I got her down and on her side and started shaving, you could tell she felt much better. Once I finished the first side she even rolled over on her own so I could shave the other side of her belly! We also cut her dewclaws. At the end of 2 hours we had all had enough of the heat and humidity. We did take breaks to let her get a drink, etc. Once we were done she made a beeline for the house and the A/C.

Sydney is a sweet girl and is happy to be clean again. she has been good with all the male Pyrs here. I have not yet tried her with any of the females as she seems somewhat dominant. Sydney loves attention and getting brushed. Sydney was spayed on August 3rd and is recuperating nicely from the surgery. I had quite a time trying to lift her in to the truck when I took her in for her rabies vaccine and her HW/Lyme test. (the shelter had given her DHPP and Bordatella vaccines) Sydney is Lyme positive and is being treated with Doxycycline. She also has kennel cough. When we weighed Sydney she was 96lbs! She is not overly big and is not ovewrweight. I never would have guessed her weight to be that much! Sydney does have to be sprayed with sunscreen (which she hates!) before going outside do to being shaved so close to the skin. She tolerates it though. With all that we have done to her she has never snapped or become aggressive in any way. (even when the Vet cleaned out her anal sacks as they were the size of eggs!) Although she did grumble and whine when he was cleaning those sacks out, Can't say as I blame her, it must have hurt. She really felt better once it was done though. She seems to understand that we are trying to do right by her and take good care of her. She has readily accepted being crated. She came to us from the shelter as Magnolia for her name. I do not know if that was the name the shelter gave her or if it was her original name. Since she did not know her name we renamed her Sydney. She seems to like that name and learned to come to it in just 2 days. She tail is always wagging in a happy way (except when I spray her with sunscreen) and she is willing and cooperative. She lets me put her front feet on the tailgate of the truck and lift in the back end. We have not traveled more than a half mile to the Vet and back but Dorene said that she rode well when she picked her up and then brought her to me. The shelter said she kept her kennel clean and waited for them to let her out before pottying. I am not sure how she is with cats. She seems to want to chase them but I'm not sure if she will be aggressive towards them or not. We will see about that once she is healed from her spay surgery. I doubt she has many house manners but we will see if she is a counter surfer, garbage hound etc. in the coming weeks.

If you would like to adopt this young lady, please fill out a Rescue Survey Form and contact Barbara Bowes.

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