Tigger, emaciated and severely neglected, abandoned by his owners!

Tigger's body. Hard to see how emaciated through all that hair. Tigger's head
This special boy was abandoned by his owners. They vacated their rented home leaving behind a Pyr and a Pit Bull mix. Both dogs were left tied out in the heat where it is evident that this is how they had spent most of their lives. No food, water or shelter, no one to care for them. Neighbors began to suspect something was wrong due to the excessive barking, cries for help. Good Samaritans put out food and water for the dogs and contacted the landlord. The SPCA took the dogs to the shelter.

Tigger's unshaved wound on the back of his neck. Tigger's neck wound after being shaved.

Our dear boy was named Tigger by the children in his foster home because he likes to jump straight up in the air when he plays just like Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. Just play bow and jump and Tigger will "bounce". The children have taught him to "bounce" on command. He gets very excited but is careful not to jump on the kids. Tigger is in good spirits despite the severe neglect he has endured. Tigger has a laceration to the back of his neck from years of a collar rubbing against his skin. He also has two cysts in the laceration and layers of scar tissue from repeated irritation and injury to this area. His collar had to be cut off. It was far too tight and rusted shut. Tigger is FORTY pounds underweight! Once you put your hands under his coat every bone can be felt.His coat is severely matted, full of debris and yeast which is evident from the pungent odor.Tigger's ears were loaded with dirt and wax. His nails are over grown and he is not neutered. Tigger can not be neutered until he has gained some weight.

Tigger's back feet

So what kind of temperament could we expect from a dog in such dire straits? His foster Mom describes him as a "cream puff", a term she reserves for the most gentle, sweet and laid back dogs. Well, right now he is a "stinky" creampuff. Tigger is a tad bit shy if a stranger approaches him too quickly and tries to pet and hug him right away. Tigger just needs a moment to sniff them and then he craves his new friend's attention. He enjoys being petted and is very affectionate. He likes to snuggle and enjoys being hugged and kissed. (and YES, his foster Mom hugs and kisses him even though he stinks!) Tigger will listen to every word you have to say and will not give away any of your secrets. He loves to play. Tigger has not displayed any resource guarding. He takes treats gently. Both adults and children in his foster family can handle his food, toys and chew treats. Tigger does not have any problems being led by the collar. He loves to go for car rides and is a well behaved passenger. Tigger has not chewed any household items when left alone. He likes his crate and will go in the crate periodically throughout the day. He chooses to sleep in the crate at night. Tigger knows basic commands and is learning new commands daily. He walks nice on leash. Tigger scratches at the door when he has to go out. So, at some point someone must have house trained him. Tigger is very vocal, sounding a warning whenever he hears a strange noise. Tigger is up to date on shots and is Heartworm and Lyme negative. He was very well behaved during the vet exam. We ran a full set of blood tests and all is well. Tigger is truly a treasure, it's hard to believe anyone could have been so cruel to him.

We do not know how old Tigger might be, we can only guess. We are trying to contact the landlord and the neighbors to see if they have any idea of when and/or where this lovely dog was obtained.

Tigger cannot be neutered until he has gained considerable weight. He needs muscle and body fat to be able to process the anesthesia from his body. His neck wound and the cysts and scar tissue will need to be addressed as well. We will probably have to take care of the neck first as at this point he could not wear an E-collar if needed to keep him from licking his neuter incision.

As soon as I have the information on where (town) Tigger lived, I'll post it. We need your help to figure out what Tigger's real name may have been, how old he may be and perhaps even where the former owners obtained him!

Tigger contemplating the meaning of life.

Update 10/11/07 Tigger is gaining some weight, seems totally unaffected by thunderstorms and continues to be a model foster dog. The wound on his neck is healing quite nicely so perhaps we will not need to have surgery done.

Update 6/14/08 Tigger has been adopted by his foster parents! In true Great Pyrenees fashion, it seems that he wormed his way into their hearts.

Photos by Pam O'Conner, Foster Mom Extraordinaire!

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