Sunny, puppymill brood bitch.

This special girl was a brood bitch in a puppymill. She was turned over to the Shelter. The Shelter has a policy of no questions asked for puppymill dogs so we do not have a lot of info on her.

Sunny had little or no socialization as far as strangers and being in a home goes. Sunny has been in Rescue since the beginning of August. She is a sweet, affectionate girl who is slowly coming out of her shell. Sunny will be spayed as soon as it is safe to do so. She went in to season while we were waiting for her socialization to progress, so she will not be able to safely have the surgery for about 6 weeks. Once that is done, and she is healed, she will be up for adoption to a very special home. Sunny is in an excellent foster home and below is what the Foster Mom wrote about her. Sunny has been 4Dx tested and is negative for the tickborne diseases and heartworm. We were originally told she was 5 years of age but all her Shelter paperwork put her at 3 years of age. The Vet concurred. He put her at between 3 and 4 years of age. Sunny will need a home where there is at least one other dog. She just ADORES other dogs! While at the Vet it was all she could do to contain herself when she saw another dog. She just wants to be friends with every dog she meets. And the surpise of all surprises was she even wanted to interact with the strangers she met at the Vet! She is really coming along!

From her foster Mom: "Sunny" came to us from a shelter who rescued her from a puppy mill. Three year old Sunny was used as a brood bitch. Sunny is up to date on vaccines but will need to be heartworm tested and spayed. As with most puppy mill dogs Sunny has had no socialization. She is basically afraid of everything except other dogs. An unfamiliar person, every day household items or even her foster mom's long denim jacket can cause her to cower and run for the safety of her crate. She is NOT fear aggressive. Sunny is very sweet and desperately wants to move forward. She gains confidence from the other dogs in her foster home and will move past what makes her fearful if she sees the other dogs do it first. She warms up to new people more quickly if they ignore her and let her approach when she is comfortable.She seems to be less fearful of dog savvy children than of adults. The youngest child she has interacted with is 8 yrs old. Sunny does Not display any food guarding issues with people or other dogs. She is also willing to share her crate with her favorite canine pal. She will need to have a canine companion in her new home, preferably a male. Sunny is house trained and is not a chewer.

Sunny is one good girl and with some time and patience she will blossom into her full potential.

Photos by Pam O'Conner, Foster Mom Extraordinaire!

Sunny has been adopted by her foster family!

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