LSACAB Pet Fair 2011!


Starring Sasha, our almost 9 year old foster dog! Co-starring Kane, Skye, Patch and Zeus, all Rescue dogs!

Marci and Sasha Bea with Skye and Kane
Zeus! Sasha and Skye
Sasha, what a happy girl! Sasha
Sasha again Sasha once again

East Penn Pyr Rescue, Inc. and Penn-Dutch Great Pyrenees Club teamed up to attend the LSACAB Pet Fair held at Playwicki Park in Feasterville, PA on 4/30/2011. In attendence manning the booth from East Penn Pyr Rescue, Inc. were Dorene Choffel and Barb Bowes with Sasha, our resident Senior girl in Rescue. Barb and Dorene are also members of Penn-Dutch GPC. Attending with dogs in tow from Penn-Dutch GPC were Bea and Chic Gottesman with Kane (a Rescue dog adopted from Penn-Dutch Rescue) and Skye (adopted from East Penn Pyr Rescue, Inc.), Marci and Bill Port with Patch (a Rescue dog adopted from a shelter in Georgia. There are no pics of Patch 'cause none sent me any of him), and Bill Shappell with Zeus (Zeus was adopted from either a Shelter or a Rescue in the south). We all had a great time!

Sasha was entered in the Seniors Showcase, a contest that was limited to senior dogs, that was offered by Canine Liasons. People could go online and vote for their favorite "Senior Rescue Dog". Each vote cost $1.00. 2nd and 3rd place winners received prizes that were donated by businesses or organizations and the 1st place winner received the money from the voting. Sasha did not win any of the prizes, but the dogs that did win and the Rescues that took them in were very deserving. We congratulate all the winners!

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