How East Penn Pyr Rescue Inc Works

East Penn Pyr Rescue, Inc is a group of volunteers working together to find homes for homeless Great Pyrenees. We are NOT a Shelter. We do not have "hours". The dogs are fostered in our homes and most of us work full time. Please understand this when contacting us as it may take a day or two before we can get back to you, sometimes it is longer.

The first step to adoption is filling out the Information Survey. It is best to copy and paste it into an email and email it. We almost always require a securely fenced area for the dog. Invisible Fencing is rarely acceptable. But this depends on the dog that is up for adoption. Some will do well in Invisible Fencing, most will not. We require a home visit prior to placement of any dog. If you have other dogs they must come to meet the potential adoptee prior to placement.

We live with these dogs, generally for at least 30 days proior to adopting them out. Most are crate trained prior to adoption. We assess temperament and personality and try to make the best match for the dog. If the dog is happy in it's new home generally the adoptive owners are happy as well.

We, like responsible breeders, take responsibility for the dogs we place for their entire lifetime. Which means, if you can no longer keep the dog then you return the dog to us. We will rehome it. This is stated in our Adoption Contract. We care very deeply for each and every one of the dogs that come through Rescue. We will never knowingly place an aggressive dog in someone's home. Dog's that come to us with unworkable aggression are euthanized. However, we cannot make any guarantees on temperament. We can only tell you what we have experienced while living with the dog. Which is exactly why we will not place dogs until we have lived with them. We will occasionally post a dog on our website as a courtesy listing for an owner or a Shelter if we do not have room for them in Rescue. But we take no responsibility for them and this is stated quite clearly in the posting.

We ask that you research this breed carefully. Great Pyrenees are not for everyone. They are dominant, stubborn, they shed, they bark, they dig, they bark and they bark some more! They are often same sex aggressive with other large dogs. (females don't get along with other females and males don't get along with other males) But they can also be incredibly intuitive and loving. They have a guardian temperament and will give their life for you without even a thought. To learn more about them please visit Great Pyrenees Library

We work strictly through donations. Generally our adoption fee needs to cover what we have spent on medical costs for any given dog. Sometimes though, these costs exceed the adoption fee. Many of our adopters give more than asked and that is how we cover the costs of fencing, food and extra medical costs. We also have generous people who just make donations. Many of the members of the Penn-Dutch Great Pyrenees Club are some of these "Rescue Angels". We are a non-profit corporation registered in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania but are not a 501c3.

Our dogs are spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccinations, heartworm tested and examined by our Vet prior to being adopted. We use almost exclusivley the services of Mahoning Valley Animal Hospital. It is through the kindness and generosity of the Doctors and Staff that we are able to keep our Veterinary costs down. They are wonderful, caring people and excellent Veterinarians. Without them, we could not continue to care for, and place in new homes, the far too many needy dogs that come through our Rescue.

Once you have adopted a dog from us, we urge you to join the Penn-Dutch Great Pyrenees Club. You can learn more about PDGPC at Penn-Dutch Great Pyrenees Club

Thank you for taking the time to read all of this and thank you for considering adopting from Rescue!

East Penn Pyr Rescue, Inc.
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