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Stella (Courtesy Posting)

Bubba (Courtesy Posting)

Bubba and Stella were found as strays by a good samaritan that took them in and turned them over to the boarding kennel as we had no room for them. I am waiting for updated info on them.

Here is the info I have from the kennel owner. "Bubba and Stella both tested positive for Lymes Disease and have started their 30 days treatment, they are neutered/spayed, vaccinated, micro chipped, and are being dewormed (3 day treatment) and have received their first dose of frontline plus. They will be up for adoption once they have recuperated from their procedures. Bubba is doing well Stella is still a bit insecure, she looks to Bubba for comfort. My Veterinarian thought them to be 2-3 years old. I am also topically treating the wounds on their necks from the prongs of the shock collars." I have also been told that were probably kept as outside dogs. The collars referred to were bark collars. They had been skunked. They are not housebroken. They cannot be separated as they bark and howl when separated. Since they have been at the kennel they have tried to break out of the fence. They will need very secure fencing. They have had little training other than the training the boarding kennel owner has given them. They must be fed separately as Bubba will not allow Stella to eat if they are not separated. The kennel owner feeds them in opposite corners and monitors them while they eat. They chase cats.

If you would like to adopt this senior man and lady, please contact Greta at
grank1@comcast.net or 717-926-0677.

Lilly (Courtesy Posting)

Mya (Courtesy Posting)

Lilly and Mya are about 5 yrs old They are both spayed females, current on vaccinations, heartworm tested and microchipped. They lived with a female chow mix Bear in a trailer home with three teenage children. They love to be brushed and enjoy going on walks and playing in a securely fenced yard. They were encouraged to chase cats in the trailer park where they used to live but if kitties don't run they tend to ignore them. They have never been around livestock having spent the first 4 years of their lives in the trailer. They have not been tested with smaller children but were a good friend for the teenagers. Application and references required, adoption donation fee $200.00 each but would give special consideration to anyone interested in adopting Mya and Lilly together as they have never been separated

If you would like to adopt either of these young ladies (or both of them together), please contact Greta at
grank1@comcast.net or 717-926-0677.

Thank you for caring about Rescue.

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