Maggie McCarron Update

photo provided by Joy McCarron

Maggie McCarron

by Joy McCarron

Well, it's been five full years since Maggie came to us. It seems like yesterday, then like she's been here forever. She was 11 months old when we got her. I can't imagine life without my "Rescue Girl." My BIG Rescue Girl. She's trustworthy, sweet, lovable, social and loves to bark at the squirrels, birds, skateboards, cars, people who don't stop to say "hello," etc., etc. A nicer dog no one could ask for.

As she gets older I worry what I'd ever do without her. Would I be dogless or get another Rescue Pyr? Could I ever get another as wonderful as my Margaret? Hopefully, I would!! As terrible as it is--people do buy Pyrs, then give them to Rescue. But without Rescue I'd never have gotten Maggie and THAT would have been terrible.

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