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UPDATE! 6/15/06: Emmett has been adopted! Our Miracle Dog has hopefully found his forever home! We love you Emm!

UPDATE! 9/29/05: Dr. Mary neutered Emmett today. She cannot get over just how well he is doing! He's gained back all the weight he lost, and has put on a few pounds and grown some. You'd never know he was sick, let alone that he had 3 1/2 paws in the grave! Thank you Dr. Mary and the staff at Mahoning Valley Animal Hospital for helping me save this very special boy! According to Dr. Mary, Emm is perfect and can do no wrong. I beg to differ, but he is very special. Emmett is now ready to be adopted.

UPDATE! 8/18/05: Dr. Mary, the Vet for Rescue, cannot believe that Emmett made it through his illness. She said he was just about gone when we gave him the IV catheter. She nicknamed him our "Miracle Dog"! She also told me I had to keep him, to which I replied, "No I don't!"

UPDATE! 8/16/05: Emmett has recovered! He is back to his bouncy, happy self again! He was nothing but a bag of bones after his ordeal, but he's eating like gangbusters and should get the weight back on fairly quickly. He had a bath on Sunday, 8/14 to clean him up a bit. He was pretty dirty and stinky from being ill. So he both feels and looks like a new little man! I'm starting to integrate him in with the other dogs to see how he does with them. He was out running and playing a bit with Lily yesterday. She is teaching him doggie manners. Emm still tires easily so I need to be careful of how much play time he gets right now, but he's certainly on the mend! GO EMMETT!!

8/6/05 UPDATE!: Emmett came off IV fluids on 8/3. Not because we wanted to take him off, but because he managed to pull the IV catheter during the night. We went back to subcutaneous fluids for a day and continued the injectable meds. On 8/4, as he was eating just a little and drinking water on his own and holding everything down, we switched to oral meds. He's still not eating much at all which concerns me greatly. He will only eat biscuits. I've offered him everything under the sun. I'm going to have to go back to making him gruel and syringing it into his mouth. He seems not to mind that at all. He is back to his happy, bouncy self but is still a bit weak. The tail wags constantly though. His condition is considered "guarded" as we could still lose him, but we are hopeful. Thanks to all who emailed their good thoughts and prayers for his recovery.

8/2/05 UPDATE!: Emmett has antibiotic resistant Bordatella (kennel cough) accompanied by Pasteurella.(Pasteurella is another bacteria) and secondary Pneumonia. He is also Parvo positive. He is on IV therapy, heavy duty antibiotics and anti nausea drugs, as well as Metronitazole for diarrhea. He is feeling quite a bit better but his lungs are still filled with mucous although he is keeping down his oral meds now. Some of his meds I give orally and some I give in the IV line or Subcutaneously. He is still quite ill and may not survive. We are doing everything possible to get him through this. If only he had been vaccinated for Parvo before being dumped in the Shelter. At least he would not have picked up that one. He was vaccinated on intake but it was not soon enough. Poor baby. But he's a fighter. If he was not a fighter, he would have already succumbed. But even if he does not make it, at least he had some people in his life who cared about and loved him. Unlike his original owners who could not even be bothered to get him vaccinated.

Emmett is a very special baby boy. He is 7 months old and as yet unneutered. He came to us from PACCA in Philly. We got him on Saturday the 23rd of July. On Tuesday the 26th he became very ill. We are not sure what he has, but he is on antibiotics and receiving sub cutaneous fluids. Emmett has not eaten since Tuesday morning. He is very weak. We are giving him as much medical support, and as much love as we can and praying that he will recover. The Vets and support staff at PACCA have been wonderful in trying to help us figure out what Emmett may have contracted either prior to coming into the shelter or what he may have contracted while he was there. Emmett is not a purebred Pyr, but he is a lovely puppy. He knows sit, down, walks well on lead and rides beautifully in the car. If this poor boy makes it through this illness, he will be neutered then put up for adoption.

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