photo provided by Gernilee Caufman


by Barb Bowes

Angel came to me from a Shelter. We were told she had nice temperament. She was so scared of people that I could not get near her for three days once she was put out into the kennel run. After three days she finally let me take her collar and bring her in the house. After a week or so she trusted me so much that she would kiss and hug me. But she was still afraid of everyone else who came here.

Angel was here with me for about 6 months. I had to really bond with her to get her past her fears. She learned to come into the house on her own but would run to her crate. She was never really comfortable in the house. Angel had always been an outside dog.

In time, she accepted people a bit more readily as long as I was by her side. I had pretty much decided she would either be here a very long time or forever. She is just the sweetest and most gentle dog. I became very attached to her. Angel started to make real progress with getting over her fear of new people. Then Gernilee called me. She needed a guardian dog for her goats. She came out to meet Angel and Angel liked her and let her touch her without my being closeby. We decided to send her to Gernilee and see what happened. A week or so went by and Gernilee came to pick her up. Angel hates to ride in vehicles so Gernilee brought a crate with her in which Angel could make the trip to her new home. For Angel, a crate was a safe place. When they arived back at the farm, Gernilee turned her loose on the 10 fenced acres with the goats. Angel would not go near Gernilee for about a week. Now she is following her everywhere! She has bonded to Gernilee and is gentle with and protective of the goats and the farm. I have a male dog here that I'm hoping to be able to send out to Gernilee to help Angel with her duties. I will be taking him out as I want to see how he will react with the goats. And I also want to see my "Special Angel" again.

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