John DeBella Dog Walk 2011!


Co-Starring Sasha, our almost 9 year old foster dog! And Bleu owned by Stephanie and Fred!

Fred and Bleu at the booth talking to attendees Fred, Bleu and Dorene at the booth
Sasha and Bleu with a young attendee Bleu getting attention from a young attendee
Dorene and Sasha talking with attendees while on a walk break Bleu showing attendees around the booth
Sasha out in front of the booth trying to draw in the crowds Bleu and Stephanie showing off the booth
Sasha taking a break in the shade Sasha looking pretty for the camera
Sasha enjoying being adored by some of her fans Bleu and Stephanie educating interested attendees
Some attendees deciding if they should enter the booth of the "BIG dogs!" ;-) Bleu enjoying attention from one of his many adoring fans!
Sasha says, "That's the spot, scratch there!" Relaxing during a massage perhaps?
This receiving ones public is hard work. Time for a nap! Hey! Where did my masseuse go!

East Penn Pyr Rescue, Inc. and Penn-Dutch Great Pyrenees Club teamed up to attend the John DeBella Dog Walk held at Green Lane Park in Green Lane, PA on 5/1/2011. In attendence manning the booth from East Penn Pyr Rescue, Inc. was Dorene with Sasha, our resident Senior girl in Rescue. Dorene is also a member of Penn-Dutch GPC. Attending from Penn-Dutch GPC were Fred and Stephanie with Bleu. From the pictures it looks like a great time was had by all! (especially the dogs!) I'm told there were thousands of people in attendence. A very large event for sure! I think we will probably attend this event every year as it is not too far away and draws a very large crowd. Great exposure for Penn-Dutch GPC and East Penn Pyr Rescue, Inc.

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