Casa Toro Mexican Grill Fundraiser

Our Fundraiser at Casa Toro was a smashing success! We had people show up from as far away as Delaware and New Jersey! We raised about $500.00 for Rescue! The Bar was packed, and I mean packed! The food was excellent. So, if you are in the mood for some excellent Mexican Food at a reasonable price, visit the Casa Toro Mexican Grill! You won't be disappointed! Oh, and the frozen Margaritas were wonderful! Make sure you tell them East Penn Pyr Rescue sent you!And a huge Thank you to all who turned out to support us and Thank you to the owners of Casa Toro Mexican Grill for inviting us to participate! They are truly giving back to the community!

Join us on April 19, 2009 at the Casa Toro Mexican Grill from 6-9 pm at 7001 N 309 in Coopersburg, PA! Located in the Fairmount Shopping Center on the corner of Fairmount and Route 309. Casa Toro is just down from the Kings Supermarket near the inside corner. The marquis at the street just says Mexican Grill. Greta Osterman (our Treasurer) will be the guest bartender to help raise funds to support East Penn Pyr Rescue, Inc. Guaranteed to be a Fun Time! (any of you out there that know Greta O. know what I mean!)

The Casa Toro Mexican Grill was named one of the top ten restaurants in the area by the Morning Call!

10% of all proceeds from the Bar as well as all Bar Tips will go to East Penn Pyr Rescue, Inc. (this includes food ordered at the Bar)

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