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I've been trying to make the website more "flashy" to grab people's attention and to bring it into a 21st century format. But the truth is I actually write the code and I'm not that advanced at writing code. We do not have a program to use to do this as they are expensive and we spend our limited funds on the dogs in need. So, until I can find the time to learn how to do this, we will stick with the current format.


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East Penn Pyr Rescue, Inc. is always in need of funds. We need to raise money for the dogs that are now in Rescue and those who will come in to Rescue in the future. Please consider a monetary donation to help the Great Pyrenees in our care. Every little bit helps to feed them and provide for their veterinary expenses. We are taking in fewer dogs due to this terrible economy and lack of donations. Only the most urgent dogs are taken in right now until things improve. We will of course try to help those dogs in need get to a qualified Rescue that can take them in and care for them. We have several ways for you to help the dogs here in Rescue.

You may donate through PayPal here

Adopting a Rescue Pyr

How We "Do" Rescue at East Penn Pyr Rescue Inc
Information Survey Form, to be printed out and mailed or emailed to East Penn Pyr Rescue Inc
Pyrs Available for Adoption, with some background information8/29/16
Fundraising for East Penn Pyr Rescue, Inc.


Fundraising Event at Casa Toro Mexican Grill! 4/15/09
LSACAB Pet Fair 2011 5/2/11
John DeBella Dog Walk 2011 5/2/11

Our Abuse, Neglect Cases and Special Needs Dogs

Andre's Story 12/08/11
Misha's Story
Sunny's Story 10/07/09
Missy and Lilly. Missy and Lilly adopted! 1/28/09
Sydney's Story. Sydney adopted!
Tigger, abandoned by his owners! Tigger adopted! 6/14/08
Lucy, Ethel and Desiree, three abused Pyrs. Lucy and Desiree adopted! 12/25/08


Important to Read! My Name is Sam by Chris Benton
Guidelines for Dealing with the Petstore Pyr, by Catherine de la Cruz, GPCC Rescue
Helping your Rescue Dog to Adjust, by Jane Gill
Introducing the New Dog, by Catherine de la Cruz, GPCC Rescue
Rescue Thoughts, by Janet Ingram, GPCA Rescue Chair
Team Rescue, by Jane Gill
Great Pyrenees Club of America Health Survey Download (pdf file)
Great Pyrenees Club of America


Pictures from the 2006 GPCA National Specialty Parade of Rescue Dogs!
Emmett, our miracle dog!
Angel, a real success story
"Blizzard" AKA Tobey, rescue puppy extraordinaire!
Lily Receives Service Dog Award from Great Pyrenees Club of America! Receives 2nd Service Dog Award April 2010!8/5/10
Rescue Photo Album, some happy times in Penn-Dutch Rescue, 1995-97
All About Rita, a Rescue story from NM
3 Rescue Pyrs, the story of 3 dogs nobody wanted
Maggie McCarron, an update from New Jersey
Bear Jones, a big white ball of fur


Memorial to Chuck, a truly "Great" Pyrenees


President: Barbara Bowes, 610-577-4988.

Secretary: Dorene Choffel, 570-850-3077


Adoption and Intake Coordinator and Contact: Barbara Bowes, 610-577-4988.

Transport Coordinator and Contact: Dorene Choffel, 570-850-3077

This section is devoted to dogs that were adopted out through the years. Dogs adopted prior to 3/31/06 were adopted from Penn-Dutch Great Pyrenees Club Rescue. In March of 2006 Rescue became a separate entity and a non-profit corporation was formed. East Penn Pyr Rescue, Inc. was born. EPPR, Inc. will support the dogs placed through PDGPC Rescue. These pages will be updated as time allows.5/2/11

Happy Endings

Dogs adopted from EPPR Inc. Page 14/11/16
Dogs adopted from EPPR Inc. Page 28/29/16
Dogs adopted from EPPR Inc. Page 38/29/16
Dogs adopted from PDGPC Rescue8/29/16

East Penn Pyr Rescue, Inc.
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